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A-1 Cleaning Company Inc. has been proudly serving the Niagara Region since 1961. With attention to detail and a focus on great customer service, we'll make your commercial property shine.

A-1 Commercial Cleaning at Provincal Gas Building, St. Catharines

The A-1 Cleaning Company was established in 1961 by Joseph Mazzuocco, who immigrated to the Niagara region in Canada in the late 1950s.

Upon arrival in Niagara, Joseph began working for a family-owned cleaning company. His hard work and dedication stood out, and it was suggested to him that he start his own cleaning service. The idea of building his own business and making a name for himself was appealing, and so Joe made the decision to open up shop.

He started out cleaning small offices and banks on his own – but not for long. His work ethic paid off; the company grew steadily, and began to acquire larger commercial contracts, leading Joe to start hiring employees.

In his new role as an employer, Joe trained his staff to the highest standards of cleaning techniques and practices. He understood the value of good customer service, and quickly gained a reputation of excellence in the cleaning industry.

Over the years, the client list for A-1 Cleaning has included large corporate accounts, office spaces small and large, banks, department stores, restaurants, churches, malls, factories, municipal offices, health clubs, and more.

 Joseph Mazzuocco, A-1 Commercial Cleaning, Niagara

Today, A-1 Cleaning Company Inc. continues to serve the Niagara region, and to uphold the integrity and high standards upon which the company was founded.

Martha Link, Joe's daughter, is now the President of A-1 Cleaning. She has inherited her father's work ethic, attention to detail, and care when it comes to her work, and maintains the professionalism and dedication to the job that earned A-1 Cleaning its stellar reputation in the cleaning industry.

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A-1 Cleaning Company Inc. is a fully bonded company, and our employees are trained and insured through WSIB.

We serve in the Niagara Region with pleasure and pride, and always look forward to meeting new clients.

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