Our Green Cleaning Services, Featuring Norwex!

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Our Green Cleaning Services, Featuring Norwex!

At A-1 Cleaning, we're always excited to try out useful new green cleaning products that reduce costs, and cut down on our environmental impact, too. 

Green cleaning products are great, for many reasons. Natural cleaning products make the air in your office or commercial facility nicer to breathe, they leave less of an environmental footprint, and they help us cut costs in the long run, which filters back to our clients! Win, win, right?

That's why we love Norwex Microfiber Cleaning Cloths. Admittedly, when we first learned about the concept behind these nifty cleaning cloths, we were a bit skeptical; a cloth that cleans and sanitizes with just water?

No cleaning solutions? Really?

Yes, you read that right. Norwex Cleaning Cloths clean without the use of any cleaning solutions at all. All you need to add is water.

The "secret" is in the microscopic strands of silver (called MicroSilver) that are woven into the microfiber fabric. You see, silver is an antibacterial element, which means that these cloths actually kill bacteria. Pretty cool!

We were definitely skeptical at first, but after trying these Norwex Cloths out, we're complete converts. It's so easy to just use the EnviroCloth® with water to clean surfaces, and the Window Cloth to dry; and the results are incredible!

Not only do these cloths clean beautifully, but just think of the reduced impact on the environment. No harsh, noxious chemicals mean better air quality, of course, but the environmental impact of these cloths also extends to production, plastics, and transportation reduction.

And, if the reduced environmental impact doesn't grab you, maybe saving a little money might? Ultimately, the fact that we have to spend far less on cleaning products means that we can reduce the fees we charge to our clients. 

So, if you like clean air, a smaller environmental footprint, and saving money in the long run, let us know! We'd be glad to use our Norwex Microfiber Cleaning Cloths in your facility.

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