Commercial Cleaning: How Often?

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At A-1 Cleaning, we've worked with an extensive range of Niagara businesses over the years. Each one is unique, and each has unique cleaning needs. 

That's why, when someone asks us how often commercial facilities need to be cleaned, we can't really give a single, comprehensive answer.

There are lots of factors we have to take into consideration when figuring out how often we'll come clean a specific facility.

Some spaces have high traffic volume throughout the course of each day. Manufacturing processes that take places in other spaces might create a lot of dirt and dust. These types of spaces might need to be cleaned quite often, from twice a week, to every day.

Other spaces have only a few employees, or aren't open to the public, so they might only need cleaning once a week, or even every other week.

Factories, hotels or restaurants may need to be cleaned more often than libraries or churches. Retail stores and training facilities may fall somewhere in between. 

Ultimately, we're flexible. We'll discuss your options with you when we go through the process of building out your quote, and together we'll come up with a cleaning schedule that suits your unique needs.

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