Cleaning Your Office Furniture

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Cleaning Your Office Furniture

At A-1 Cleaning we understand the importance of a clean dust free environment.

We also realize that clean furniture in your office is as important to your employees as it is to the clients they may encounter on a daily basis. Our equipment and practices ensure dust is collected from as much of the furniture surface as physically possible to reach. 

We start off with chemical free cleaning techniques. Our first and most favorite product is the Norwex Enviro Cloth. This amazing cloth allows us to clean surfaces without the use of harsh chemicals. We only use water with these cloths and they are antibacterial due the silver fibres in each cloth.

If you prefer a non-chemical cleaning solution used on your furniture, we do have several safe and efficient products. 

If you are a client with antique furniture pieces, we want to ensure that these articles are cleaned and handled carefully, keeping in mind that not all furniture should be cleaned in the same way. Special attention is always paid when cleaning expensive and treasured furniture.

Most commercial offices and facilities are set up in a way that all furniture, desks and equipment are set in their specific place. At A-1 Cleaning we ensure that your furniture is cleaned and kept in its original place.

Cleaning is our business, so you can  trust A-1 Cleaning to ensure that your furniture is kept clean and presentable for your next business day.

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