Air Quality in the Workplace

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Would you like to sanitize the air and surfaces in your commercial office space? As employees begin to migrate back into the workplace, it is imperative that air and surfaces in the work environment are clean. With more people gathering in confined areas, the potential for colds and viruses to spread increases.

A-1 Cleaning Company diligently pursues new and innovative ways to keep your office and home environments safe and clean. We have found a Technology that we are excited about and would love to share the benefits with you.  

ActivePure Air & Surface Pro Sanitizer Technology is used in homes,churches, hospitals, commercial buildings, schools and professional sports teams. 

ActivePure is NASA Certified Space Technology Air & Surface Pro Purification. This technology just received FDA clearance on a technology that reduces the SARS CoV2 virus that causes Covid19 by 99.9% in three minutes in the air. Further, this same technology reduces the same virus on surfaces to 99.98% in just hours.

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Active Pure Technology.

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